Cryostat 2.1.0

Alternate Installation Options

The recommended method to install the Cryostat Operator is via OperatorHub on the Get Started page. If needed, see below for alternative methods to install the Cryostat Operator. All of the installation options require cert-manager as a prerequisite.

Once the operator is installed, proceed to the Setup section of the Get Started page.

Install with kubectl

$ kubectl create namespace cryostat-operator-system
$ kubectl apply -k ''

Install with operator bundle

  1. Download Operator SDK >= 1.5.2
  2. Install Operator Lifecycle Manager into your cluster, if not already present.
     $ operator-sdk olm install
  3. Install the operator bundle
     $ operator-sdk run bundle

Uninstalling Cryostat Operator

Follow steps 1 and 2 in the Uninstalling Cryostat Operator section of the Get Started page. At step 3, run the following instead:

Uninstall with kubectl

$ kubectl delete -k

Uninstall with operator bundle

$ operator-sdk cleanup cryostat-operator